Most arc welding and cutting processes, torch welding, cutting and brazing, or soldering, produce quantities of ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation can burn the skin, and damage the lens of the eye. Flash burns to the eyes are extremely painful, and, can cause permanent damage.

Welders, other employees, and visitors near areas where arc welding is being performed, must be protected from the hazards of ultraviolet rays.  This can be done in two ways: by wearing the appropriate PPE, and by placing non-combustible or flameproof screens, curtains, or other effective barriers around the welding operation.

Welding hoods and special welding goggles with UV filters are designed to protect your eyes and face from UV exposure. Appropriate gloves and aprons must be used to protect exposed skin.

Welding screens are used to protect others in the vicinity of the welding operation, when the body of the welder or the shape of the steel cannot shield the arc.

This equipment used faithfully and correctly during every welding job will prevent UV burns.

Many serious eye injuries have taken place because workers or visitors to an area believed, as long as they weren’t looking directly at the welding arc, there was no danger.  But, ultraviolet rays into the side of the eye can cause painful burns as well. Always protect against this hazard.

Welding and cutting are safe operations, if you follow safe work practices.  If you try to take short cuts, or you don’t take the proper precautions, it will become a hazardous job.  Take time for safety and health, because you’re worth it.