“Massive Western Heat Wave May Break June, All-Time Records This Weekend”

Last night the Weather Channel published an interesting article about this week’s heat wave that you should read: “Massive Western Heat Wave May Break June, All-Time Records This Weekend (FORECAST)”

“A brutal heat wave kicking in later this week may shatter June or even a few all-time records in parts of the Great Basin and Northwest. Furthermore, it may last into the first days of July.’Heat wave June 2015

“This heat wave may not only top daily record highs, but may also threaten record highs for the entire month of June, or, in a few locations, all-time record highs.’

“This is a dangerous heat wave. Take safety precautions against the heat.

Those playing or working outdoors, as well as those without access to air conditioning, will face an elevated risk of heat-related illness.

Remember to never leave kids or pets unattended in cars and drink more water than usual. Wear light-colored clothing and keep your head and body cooler with a hat. Take frequent rest breaks in shaded or air-conditioned environments.”