An effective Safety Management Process is one that is proactive in identifying and addressing issues that cause injuries and property damage.   Effective audits and feedback loops are critical components of safety processes that help identify and mitigate risks.  Finding failures before they occur has proven to reduce injuries, reduce property damage, and ultimately lower Workers Compensation rates.

Safe Workforce Development provides an independent second set of eyes for your construction or manufacturing site.  Our auditors are skilled safety and health professionals that possess the knowledge and tools needed to conduct thorough audits that will meet your organizations goals.  We audit specific tasks, areas, or across the entire safety management system.

Safe Workforce Development’s Audit Process is total collaboration.  Our audit team will meet with key organizational staff to identify goals, audit scope, and timing.  Upon completion of the audit the audit team will work with organizational staff to identify corrective actions based on Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Risk Priority methodology.  The Risk Priority Number will be used as a guide to help prioritize tasks to efficiently achieve organizational goals.

After the audit your Safe Workforce Development Auditor will be available as needed to assist in the journey towards Safety Excellence.