Ergonomics is the science of designing job processes and the work environment to fit the physical requirements of the employee as opposed to requiring the employee to conform to the physical parameters of the job.   Ergonomics focuses on identifying strategies that allow workers to perform their job in the most efficient manner possible and with the least amount of strain on their bodies.

An Ergonomic Assessment is a systematic approach to analyzing how tasks are performed and the environment in which they are performed.   An effective ergonomics program increases productivity while decreasing risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), also known as repetitive strain injuries (RSI), and cumulative trauma disorders.

Safe Workforce Development partners with customers to improve safety,  worker comfort, quality, and productivity by making practical ergonomic improvements in the workplace.  Our goal is to improve worker efficiency, increase worker satisfaction, and lower OSHA Recordable Injuries which creates a more profitable company.